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With the commercial drone industry booming and currently growing by nearly 20% each year, there are now an unprecedented amount of drone kits that are available to you depending on your need. Thanks to heavy levels of research and development, drones for sale can now be purchased for an affordable price whilst still maintaining a high quality design and a number of useful features.

If you are looking to purchase a drone, we have some things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, don’t get over-awed by some of the terms that may pop up, you may see acronyms such as ARF, RTF and BNF but once you know what they mean, you will be ready to find the right drone for you. RTF stands for ‘Ready-To-Fly’ and is a great option for beginners because it requires minimal assembly and can be used within a short period of time. RTF drones bugs3 normally need charging, connecting with the controller and possibly installation of the propellers but other than that, it is ready to go. Secondly, BNF means ‘Bind-And-Fly’; this option comes without a controller. This can be useful if you already have a handheld controller for a drone and don’t want to pay extra for one included with your new drone. You do have to check whether the new drone is compatible with your old controller because some may not work even if they are on the same channel or frequency. Finally, ARF stands for ‘Almost Ready-To-Fly’. This description for a drone can actually be quite broad and may mean different things for different products so be sure to read the description before purchasing. Some ARF products will include everything bar the transmitter and receiver whereas others may not even include a battery.

As a result of the booming industry, drones x5 can be bought from just about anywhere in the world from a number of major online retailers. The main stores of this kind are based in the US as well as China but offer shipping around the world. You may be able to find a retailer closer to you if you search a little but you can’t go wrong with a big name.

Hobby King is one of the biggest names when it comes to drones uk and for good reason too. They manufacture their own products, have permission to manufacture others as well as sell some of the biggest brands available. While the thousands of options is great from a consumer point of view, you also have to remember that some parts or even drones themselves may not be that good in quality so remember to check the reviews before you make a purchase. also offers a wide selection of products in its ‘classified’ section. This is where people can put their drones/parts up for sale creating a market for the products. Again, you have to be careful with this one as there maybe scammers (as there is everywhere online) so be sure to talk to the seller and maybe even view the desired product for yourself. There are also many other fantastic sources for drones and drone parts including DJI, and amazon. Just remember to stay safe when purchasing online and do not pay out money in a situation where you feel uncomfortable.

Download the New and Improved Wings 94.3 App!

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Wings AppTake your Wings 94-3 Classics with you wherever you go.  Download the brand new & improved Wings 94-3 app for your smartphone or tablet.


If you already have the old version of the Wings 94-3 App, you’ll need to delete it and download the new version by choosing the link below:








In addition to Listen to Wings Live 24/7, the new version includes:

  • Information on contests and promotions

  • Today in Classic Hits History

  • Wings News

  • Other station information…and more

Congrats to TONYA REDD – the Wings 94.3 Big Game Party 2017 Winner!

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1408678004000-GenericFootballCongratulations to TONYA REDD of Auburn, our Big Game Sunday Winner!

Tonya and her friends watched the action on a huge 60-inch TV at her place from Rix Audio, Video & Appliance on Pepperell Parkway in Opelika!

They also chowed down on famous New York style pizza from Johnny Brusco’s on East University Drive in Auburn and crispy baked wings from Island Wing Company in downtown Auburn!

12 Days of Christmas Winner: Monique Carter

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Congrats to today’s 12 days of Christmas winner, Monique Carter from Auburn, who won a $300 gift card from the UPS Store at Flint’s Crossing! If you’d like to join in on the winning, text “12” to 88474.

Tomorrow we will be giving away two free drinks for a week from the Coffee bar at Our Home Pharmacy!